Beak excels at the intersection of design and technology. We demand everything from our experiences; connection, social sharing, engagement, inspiration, meaning, interactivity and beauty.   Our team includes storytellers, media artists, technologists, graphic designers, programmers and hardware engineers who collaborate to create high-impact experiences that put your brand at the forefront of experiential innovation.

“Sea of Me” combined augmented reality tech with video for Microsoft and Nike; "Tweetlantis and Planet140" used Processing, social sharing and projection for Twitter and Samsung, and our "Interactive Sliders" on touch tables for Spotify debuted a unique new tool for users to “dial in” their music preferences to create a playlist.

The newest artist to collaborate with Beak Labs is Richard Cornelisse.  Richard’s graphic projections for musical artists Nick Cave, José Gonzalez, Grizzly Bear and Arcade Fire were created with a combination of analog and digital tools, such as oscilloscopes, Super 8 film and even paint, in order to create visuals that speak to the emotional repertoire of the performance. Richard is also a cinematographer and visual technologist who experiments with a variety of emerging technologies in order to expand the field of image acquisition that can then be further manipulated using code or motion graphics software

Client Portfolio: Spotify,Nike, OML, FEED, Microsoft, Twitter, Sonic Notify, Topsy, Mozilla